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Silence  [28th November 2007]                                             

A brief lull in the conversation. Some words are just so hard to say... Some words just take so long to say. Sometimes, all we need is just a silence sounding impossible.

How to make sense Of something that you just can't see, how to make sense of something you once held the key ? When the world becomes too loud, the only escape is the search for silence. Because everything unsaid can be possible. To be somebody else, to be away or there, to be friends, or lovers, to dream of this life we'll never have but which could have been so wonderful. There's times where, looking for the truth, only lies can make us smiles.

propose a toast. To the misunderstandings, to the lies, to these silences that did not become realities. To all these moments that we almost shared, to the words said too hardly and without thinking them, to the dreams never realized, to those that we would have liked to be, to all these moments that we'll never see and which we'll always miss. Fuck this world, fuck his noises, fuck these shouts...
So leave me alone. We suffer less when we're not together, we suffer less in the silence. Heart is understanding what he wish when words are not that clear... That's just some sounds, disappearing, taking by the wind.

nd if we can't change the way the wind blows, we must learn to navigate by other means... Now, shut up and live, take advantage of the wind, anyway he blows away your life. Because we can't always get what we want, but if you listen sometimes, well we just might find : you get what you need.

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